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Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now

Philippians 1:3-5


Since the resurrection of Jesus, the heavens have been telling a better story than any other told before. That story is called 'the gospel', and it has echoed its way through the corridoors of our history, painting itself over the lives of Jesus-followers; shaping the contours of the Christian church. Yet sometimes, that story fails being made manifest in the lives and words of those who claim allegiance to the cross, leaving people confused: confident in their rejection of Christianity, but not confident in the content of that which they are rejecting. We have a western world which is post-Christian in spirituality, while pre-gospel in understanding. As such, concurrently, the Christian story gets misrepresented in public discussion, poorly represented in political agendas, and questioned tout court by secular academies. All the more do Jesus last words to his disciples emboss themselves upon the contemporary Christian conscience, reminding us, "You will be my witnesses" (Acts 1:8).     

The gospel is the best news that any human can ever hear. But one's hearing requires another's proclamation. It is our belief that proclaiming the good news is the Christian's purpose and privilege. Accordingly, we believe that any ministry which seeks to communicate the gospel effectively must be one which utilises apologetics in service to evangelism, sifting through the ideas of culture with the clarifying words of Jesus and addressing the intellectual objections of individuals with reasons for the hope that we have. That is, if the gospel is the best story ever told, we believe that we should give our lives to tell it. In short, we believe in God's mission to seek and save the lost; we believe in a faith that is rational; and we believe that Jesus is beautiful. It is in the midst of these beliefs that we sense God calling us both over to England for further training in gospel ministry.    

Specifically, Alex has been accepted by Oxford University to study a certificate in theological studies through Wycliffe Hall, addended by an evangelistic programme delivered by the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Put briefly, the course is 9-months (three-trimesters) of study under leading theologians, apologists and scholars in a centre of excellence. This course will not only form in Alex a ministry refined by the riches of the church's historic thought, but also free him up to further step into the work of the minister – passing onto humans that which is of primary importance: the good news. In short, we really believe in this, and we cannot wait to see what God will do through it: both in service to his church and the spreading of his kingdom. 



Multiple factors contribute to one's sense that they should partner with someone in the ministry of the gospel. Of these factors, the most telling probably consist of: (1) a resonance with the vision; and (2), a knowing of the persons involved. If it happens that your heart resonates with the vision painted above, or you happen to know us deeply enough to sense the orchestration of God in the midst of this unfolding chapter, please consider coming alongside us in anyway that you can. The most substantial encouragement to us is the support of those close to us; for with that comes not only the means by which we venture to Oxford, but also the confidence in which we step out in trust of God.  

When this website was built, the support received went directly to helping fund Alex's tuition. At the end of August 2017, Alex was able to pay for all tuition fees for the entire upcoming year. To be sure, this is very significant. Five months ago, Alex was sharing about the costs and extent of this venture with close friends, and it felt like a distant pipe-dream. Toward the end of August, with impeccable timing, Alex's account started filling with support from close friends and family – we even had strangers approaching us determined to partner with us. We cannot explain the timing of this; but, we think that's the point. All praise to God. 

Now, as we head to Oxford, support received will go towards our living expenses. lease talk with us personally about the extent of our living expenses: fill in the form below and we will email you. We do not want our transparency to be mere figures on a public domain. Rather, we wish that all those financially supporting us would be as intimately aware of our situation as is possible. 

Practically, if you wish to support us, we have arranged an independent Oxford account into which you can transfer funds directly. Details for this are below. 

Account Name: OXFORD FUND
BSB: 034-072
Acc: 281564

With all our love,

Alex and Kath.


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